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Programming with Perl, PHP and Python Learn for free the basics of Perl, Python and PHP programming languages. Perl, PHP and Python are open source programming languages and are widely used especially for the web programming. The Python programming language is an excellent resource for scientific computing and rapidly growing in popularity. It has ready to use libraries for machine learning, data mining and many other tasks. Perl has a lot of standard modules for programming web, AI, statistics, math and almost everything else.

Exploring Google's APIs Google APIs allow to add more functionality to website. An API is a way for website or service to talk to another website or service. APIs let you mix information and functionality from other services into your own website or application. API stands for application programming interface. Google has many APIs for different tasks

Particle Swarm Optimization This is about Computational Intelligence - bio-inspired algorithms that are rapidly growing in popularity. Swarm Intelligence, Ant based algorithms, Bird Flocking will be considered in this course.
Practical Artificial Intelligence with Perl Learn how to implement reinforcement learning, neural networks and genetics algorithms.
Board Game Strategy Programming with Perl Combining reinforcement learning and neural net for game programming. Reinforcement learning is part of artificial intelligence and can be used for computer to learn how play board games such as tic tac toe, connect 4 and many other.
Hidden Markov Models Programming with Perl  
Practical Neural Net Programming Learn how to program different types of neural nets.
Naive Bayesian Classification with Perl The Naive Bayes Classifier technique is based on the so-called Bayesian theorem. It is simple and easy to implement technique. Email spam filtering is one of the examples of application where it is used.
Mining Wikipedia Few examples how to get some data from Wikipedia.
Web Mining  
Practical Data Mining with Perl Learn the main topics of data mining: classification, clustering, feature selection. Learn how to implement data mining algorithms.
Text Mining Learn data preparation for text mining, algorithms for text summarization, segmentation and text mining.
Web 2.0 Projects Using New Technology  


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